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Re: GSC 00279 00321 paper

Dirk wrote:
>Why don't we just do a single plot using phase rather than JD? Then we
>could put both our data on the same plot, with the two sets separated
>since they are in different bandpasses.
  That sounds like a good solution to me; the JD plot really doesn't
tell you much.  If you do this, you could in theory include the TASS
dataset as well, or at least a similar phase plot with the TASS data.
Michael K. wrote:
>I guess I was trying to point out the significance of the shallower 
>minimum in Ic on the TASS plot. Perhaps this is unnecessary. Originally I 
>thought it helped my case that this was an RR Lyrae variable. Should I 
>just remove this bit?
  It is not usually wise to remove discussion about the photometry
unless there is a good reason.  You need to phase-plot the TASS data
and see if, for example, it only covers one of the minima, or if
there is sufficient scatter at minimum that you really can't tell
the difference in (V-Ic) between max and min.  If the data truely
indicates that *both* minima are red, then we need to think about
the problem more and give some additional discussion.