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Re: GSC 00279 00321 paper

aah@nofs.navy.mil wrote:
> Since data can be reprocessed, it is better to have a 'snapshot'
> at the time the paper is written.  For this reason, I would
> suggest sending the entire dataset for a given star to the
> IBVS and let them archive the data.  They then just give an
> electronic link to the data from within the paper.

Aw, I was going to say that.

Anyway, examples exist at the IBVS website of the form nnnnt1-txt for
IBVS nnnn etc.


It'll need headings!!!!

I'd to work out the contents of the columns in the files on the data CD
from reading the comments in the perl scripts (though I could mostly
guess, that isn't safe).  I still only know that flag 0 = okay and not
what any other flag value means.


Julian Date ought to be qualified as to whether it is GJD or HJD too, I
think, rather than just being left as JD (Arne'd know better than me),
especially important for short period jobs.


John G.