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Re: Negative Welch-Stetson Index

One of my early projects is to do a better job of removing stars around 
chip defects and edges.  Michael is pretty conservative and does not throw 
very much away.  I am going to try throwing a lot more stuff away.

There are obvious "dips" in the stars that are due to a star going over a 
weak pixel.  As I have said, I plan to process this data several times and 
some of it many times until I get it as right as can be.

Tom Droege

At 01:30 AM 6/13/02 +0100, you wrote:
>And 0.2% affect the two cameras opposite ways, giving
>W-S < -1. Any guesses as to how? My first question - are
>these stars close to the edge of some of the images?