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Re: Need some data samples

I remember,  30 second summary follows.
Question still about "shape" under #4 

1) Back then people agreed that FITS format should be used
   for star lists.

2) Star lists would contain "most" information contained in the
   FITS image header copied over into the star list's own header.

3) Name(s) and version ID(s) of software used to process the image.
   Along with person place and date data was processed

4) The tabular data in the file could contain columns for at least
   the following

   ra,dec and ra_sigma, dec_sigma
   Mag, mag_sigma

   "shape" indicator(s) of some type.  Details were not resolved.
   people wanted at a minimum an "extended" flag (star/blob)
   and at most size, eccentricity and rotation angle.  

5) Other data columns would be allowed but not required.

Things like epoc, filter use, Lat,Lon and altitude of observing site
would be covered under #2.

If this looks good, what's needed is a small program to add to the
end of each working pipline to convert output to above.

Tom, Don't worry about index files and such.  Our data is 2 dimensional
and "quad tree" indexing is very fast.  Even with 10E10 records we
could locate a specifc record in milliseconds even on a low end PC.

--- aah@nofs.navy.mil wrote:
> I have not run the pipeline nor looked at .cal files; my
> impression was that this was engineering data.  Suggesting that
> this will be the "standard" for Mark IV data is a little
> premature, wouldn't you think?  There is my pipeline, which
> gives different information, and I am sure that Mike G.
> will have yet another version.  Our discussions over several
> years ended up, I thought, with certain parameters that
> would be required of all extracted starlists.  Likewise,
> Chris was assuming some formats for the Postgres database.
> Why doesn't someone review those emails and give a summary?
> Arne

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