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RE: STAMP command specs?

I've looked thru Tom's QBasic program and disassembled it for most of the
STAMP commands, I think.  I could clean-up my notes and post them as the
TN-46 addendum.  Just to be sure, what's the latest/greatest version of the
code? (Just to make sure I'm looking at the right one.)

Rich Klappal

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> Rob,
> The short answer is No.  The long answer is that it is all there in the
> QBasic code.  I just looked at the TN-46.  Most things are there.
>  You just
> have to look at the QBasic code and the stamp code to see how things are
> done.  Note that there are registers on the stamp board that the
> stamp uses
> to set up paths to do particular things.  So to get a particular
> pulse, you
> first load a register which sets up the line that the pulse comes out on,
> then you make a pulse.  It is a little complicated.  I have to sit there
> with the stamp code and the logic diagram to do anything.  Then I write
> QBasic code.  But there are examples of anything you might want to do in
> the QBasic code because I have written little tests for almost
> everything.  I do not claim it will be easy.
> Tom Droege
> At 11:09 AM 6/14/02 -0600, you wrote:
> >Hey Tom,
> >
> >I'm starting to work on coding the motor commands (completed the dac,
> >adc, 'limit flag' capabilities), and am running into a lot of
> questions in
> >Michael R.'sTAIT program.  He doesn't know what a lot of the value
> >which can be used actually do (at least in the software comments).
> >Included are some very cryptic comments, presumably from your basic
> >code, which don't provide any enlightenment
> >
> >So, the question is do you have a document which spells out all the
> >commands and the parameters the stamp can take?
> >
> >If not, maybe I'll work with you on creating such a beast (if you are
> >willing), and I'll update TechNote 46 to include enough information so
> >software may be written from it
> >
> >Thanks,
> >Rob.