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Re: [AAVSO-GRB] FW: [VVS] Detection of an optical transient following the 13 March 2000 short/hard gamma-ray burst

Controversial is fine.  As long as you cannot reject an
observation for some other reason, and can come up with an
explanation, then you should publish it, even if the theory
is outside normal thinking.  Note two things, however:
the paper is 2 years after the observation, which should make
you wonder why it hasn't been submitted earlier since it
is a short paper; and it has only been submitted, not accepted.
Scientific publication is based on the refereeing process; you
have to convince another educated person of your theory.
  Gamma-ray astronomy is fun that way; lots of people are
thinking outside the box.  When it becomes stale, I'll move
on to another field.