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Re: Wallmart

I think this misses the point. Why buy a system with Lindows if you want 
Linux? You can buy the same computers on the Wal*Mart site without any 
operating system.

The real question in my mind is whether some group can take Linux and 
kludge it up so the great unwashed masses can't tell the difference between 
Lindows and Windows. OK this would not (to me) seem too hard to do. It is a 
question of how well they have done it. I think you can only tell this by 
trying to run the system and seeing how it feels.

Nothing would improve Microsoft more than to lose 10% or so of their marked 
to an operating system that the general public cannot tell from Windows. 
Considering what the general public uses Windows for, this should not bee 
too hard. Then the fun would start.

Note that it would not shock me to discover that Lindows was owned by 
Microsoft. The founder of Avis had a colorful expression for this in his 
book, but companies do it all the time.

Tom Droege

At 07:25 AM 6/16/02 -0400, you wrote:
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>On Sunday 16 June 2002 01:43 am, Chris Albertson wrote:
> > Click ther URL below for details.  Basically the $299 machine
> > is an 850Mhz AMD Duron with 128MB RAM, a small hard drive a
> > CDROM.  Video, sound, modem and Ethernet are built-in.  Price
> > does not include the CRT.  It could be they are only available
> > on Walmart's web site.  I don't know
>That's correct, they are only available on WalMart's site.  I'm not so sure
>about Lindows as an OS choice, but it would  be a snap to put  RedHat on it.
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