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Two more minor planets in DS23

I found two more minor planets in DS23:
The "stars" 82298, 82313, 82318 and 82328 are images
of 374 Burgundia.
And 654 Zelinda was observed on 3 nights: 47676,
47684, 47697, 47701 (only the images on JD ...313, the
image of this "star" at JD ...312 is a false
identification), 48034, 48049, 48057, 48403, 48407 and

Has anyone any idea how to look for asteroids in a
more automated way ?  What I do now is to look in
Guide 7 whether there are any known asteroids in a
TASS field at the time of observation.  I probably can
write a program to instruct Guide to do this
automatically, so that I don't have to key in position
and time, but it remains cumbersome, I'm not sure to
get all possible targets, and this way I don't find
any undiscovered asteroids (well, there will probably
no longer be any asteroid left to be discovered,
brighter than the TASS limiting magnitude, but it's
the principle).
The 3 asteroids found so far are good examples of what
to expect: collect_stars.pl seems to group an asteroid
as a couple of "stars" per night.  But it is not
enough to select all stars which are not on every
image of a given field, because there are a lot of
stars which appear on one image (or just a couple of
images) only (as e.g. the image of 47701 on JD
...312).  Maybe one should make a list of all the TASS
stars which do not have a counterpart in the GSC, to
find all asteroids and other transients.


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