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Re: "twins"

aah@nofs.navy.mil wrote:
> john wrote:
> >The idea was that hopefully an object in outburst might just have
> >sufficiently different photocentre/whatever to appear at a slightly
> >different position as an object at quiescence and maybe show up as two
> >very close objects.
>   Not likely; if you look at the typical periods and typical
> distances of outbursting objects like CVs, you will find that the
> orbital separation is in the milliarcsec range.

I meant as images upon a ccd frame possibly having different photocentre
solutions due to marked brightness difference despite being same object,
not resolved as (a) physical entity(ies) in Space.  Though an SS Cyg
like object should be comfortably above TASS min mag at minimum, at
maximum it'd be near what appears to be the upper TASS limit, going from
the max mags I can find in CD 23.


John G.