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FN Vir?

Star 94283 on the TASS CD 23 might be FN Vir, not sure.

FN Vir is a high proper motion star of about 1" per year, it's in a line
with a 1950s 48" distant DSS image, a 1983 GSC1 position at around 16"
(quick V plate mag 13.0), a 1990 GSC2.2 position at near 9" (J plate
["blue"] mag 14.7 and a 1997 GSC2.2 position at about 3" (F plate
["red"] mag 12.3), which all more or less fit position and mag-wise. 
Certainly nothing at this position in DSS image to limit, nor at these
positions on 50s plate. VJ mag averages 13.1 and Ic mag 10.5 from 19
obs.  Bright xray source nearby. FN Vir is a UV Ceti star, no hint of
that here.


John G.