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Re: Checking catalogues for variables, an important point reiterated

aah@nofs.navy.mil wrote:
> John wrote about missing cross-references in Simbad.  They
> are not perfect, and unless the cross-reference table is in
> a convenient, machine-readable form, they have to manipulate
> the data, a time consuming process.  They do pretty well, and
> if you tell them about a missing entry (hint, hint), they
> will correct it.

This catalogue quandary has been commmented on before in vsnet-chat, and
that must have been some time ago since I ain't been a vsnet-chat
subscriber for over six month.

The CDS knows where the SAI ftp site is and the SAI knows where the CDS
ftp site is, and the data is available in convenient machine readable
form, so I'm not getting involved.

SIMBAD is indeed very good, but people just remember that the CDS people
haven't time to check the contents of all of these catalogues, they are
custodians and "librarians" and archivists.  People can consider it as a
fountain of all knowledge sometimes (it is certainly easy just to sling
somethign thro' SIMBAD and call that your literature seach done).  As
Arne says, double check even the catalogues if possible.


John G.