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MisV0701 and planetary nebula

Dear Dr. Richmond and TASS members,

I wrote:
> The rejected papers in that page are as follows:
>   Influence of MisV0701 to a planetary nebula PK 32-3.1

This paper shows the TASS observations in addition to the MISAO's
data. Thank you, Dr. Richmond.

It insists that the strange spectrum of the planetary nebula in the
past papers is influenced by a red variable MisV0701.

However, the IBVS referee and Daisaku Nogami comment that the 1 arcmin
distance between MisV0701 and PK 32-3.1 is too large to influence the
spectrum, and the strange spectrum in MacConnell 1983 is due to some
mistake, maybe he observed a wrong object for instance.

Now I agree with their comments, and I agree with the IBVS's reject on 
this paper, although the IBVS editor advised me to modify it according
to the referee report and submit again (I mean, they did not reject it

Here is the IBVS referee comment:

...  a stellar component one arc minut away cannot 
influence the planetary nebula spectrum. About the true nature of the
object it is true that it apperas in Stenholm and Acker 1987, but under the
heading "Faint suspected....". In the Strasbourg-ESO catalogue it is given
as a planetary nebula without question. Regarding the reference to
MacConnell 1983, he may have observed the wrong object. A planetary nebula
spectrogram is not similar to a Me star.

However, maybe the star proposed by the authors is interesting as a new
variable star. Frankly, I should argue for more observations, also of the
planetary nebula.

Finally, many thanks to Dr. Richmond and TASS members for the

Best regards,

Seiichi Yoshida