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Re: positions and other pipeline matters

--- Tom Droege <tdroege2@earthlink.net> wrote:
> As L'il Abner might say "Given a collected.big file
> and a UCAC catalog, any 
> fool could write a program that matched them up and
> produced UCAC position 
> collected.big file, I could write it."

I think it is better to match the .cal files to UCAC,
but to the program this doesn't make much difference.

> Seems to me that there is nothing to stop this from
> being done right 
> now.  I think Arne will provide a catalog to someone
> that wants to do 
> it.  Why not do this as a post processing step to
> Michael's pipeline?  Does 
> someone want to take this on?

John Philips has written something to match Tycho
positions, and I have something to match GSC, so parts
of these can probably be reused.  Or I may use it as a


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