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Re: More Data

Tom Droege wrote:
> I could make more data available.  Are you all interested?  I am thinking
> that it might make sense to release an hour in RA at a time.  This would be
> about a 30 MByte file.  Would someone volunteer to host these files?  The
> traffic should not be so great.   i.e. a few dozen people will download the
> file when it is first available, then the traffic should be light.  The
> idea would be to put up data when it is first in a position for good
> viewing, then put up the next hour every couple of weeks.
> What hour angle would you first like to see?

zippable ascii? gzip files can usually be uncompressed cross platform
and would probably quarter the size.

Sorry to bleat but vagaries due to BT being too busy counting profits to
put new wires in the ground mean most good rate dialup isp over here has
2hr mandatory reconnect times for fear the telephone system falls over,
which is very near 30 Mb constant download, so an ftp site that supports
resume would be appreciated if files are to be that big, if at all


John G.