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Tools CD

John is nearly up the learning curve for creating RPM's, and hopes to have the standard IRAF (not X11 version) done this weekend.  So, the tools CD is close.

John mentioned, then Michael provided, some catalogs.  I will include these on the CD's if folks would want them.  Probably a seperate CD (~250Mb).

So, I'll download the plotting packages I've still not grabbed, clean up a little, and maybe start mailing in the next week or so.  I still don't have addresses (that I know of) for some of you.  If anyone wants DAOPHOT source (from Peter Stetson), you'll need to sign/mailing address the form that will be on the CD page (probably later today or tomorrow), and fax/mail/e-mail to me, which I will pass on to Peter.

Any more packages?  Catalogs?  CIGWIN?