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Batavia IL, Status Report for April 2003

Last month we collected about 110 CD's of data.  There is no meaningful 
count since much of the data is test data for TOM2 and TOM3.  We are close 
to having all three systems lined up and taking good data.

This was the month of flocked paper and "hanging chad".  The flocked paper 
does a great job of reducing internal reflections - when it stays in 
place.  This month there were many mounts and dismounts of lenses as we 
learned to make the flocked paper stick where it is needed.

The "final" pipeline is now in place and I have started to process the old 
data through it.  I have stated with the -6 to +18 degree data from TOM1 
starting in November of 2002.  This data is most likely to contain new and 
interesting stars for those waiting for new candidates for observation.  We 
should complete this set mid May.  Then we will go back and process all the 
data taken by TOM1 at +8 or so.

I am running TOM1, TOM2, and TOM3 every clear night.  For newcomers (we get 
a few every month) TOM1 ... consists of a dual 400mm f/4 telescope system 
which takes data with simultaneous V and I cameras using 2048 x 2048 pixel 
CCDs.  There are still a few problems with TOM3.  It apparently has a bad 
memory refresh circuit.  I will have to set up the test stand and debug 
more memory cards.  Dan cleaned off a piece of the bench and we are setting 
up the test stand.

I ordered switch boxes so that I can have more computers and fewer monitors 
in my office. We are trying to get a remote camera set up to watch the dome 
when it is open.  Nothing is easy.

We continue to work on Mark V drawings as a fill in project.

Tom Droege