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HD 116274

On Saturday, May 3, 2003, at 05:38 PM, Patrick Wils wrote:

> ID		Type	Ampl	Epoch	        Freq c/d	Notes
> HD 116274	EW	0.6	2452376.74	1.654

Got some data on this one last night and there is no ambiguity. See:


The error bars are 2-sigma of the comp star magnitudes. The absolute 
magnitudes are based on Tycho-2 using a two star ensemble with 
TYC-4965-360 and TYC 4965-1106. Some clouds rolled through in the 
middle so that's the gap. The first couple points after the gap are 
probably suspect.

Patrick's period seems in the ballpark to me. More data is needed.

Michael Koppelman