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Re: HD 116274

I caught a minimum on this one last night and phased it with the 
previous night. See:


This could easily be 1/2 of the period. It's still really rough. If you 
double the period, the two nights don't move in relation to each other, 
so they are part of the same part of the curve (assuming 0.3 and/or 0.6 
is in the ballpark).

If the period is 0.3, it may be another RR Lyr star. If it's 0.6, the 
eclipse could have some flatness at the bottom.

Michael Koppelman

On Monday, May 12, 2003, at 01:53 PM, Tom Droege wrote:

> Michael,
> I am happy to have you here if you find the company pleasant.  /^)
> There is a good chance that I have some data points on this star.  It 
> is just at the limit of what TOM1 has been observing.
> Tom Droege