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Re: re flashers

I have only been looking at data sets with 7 or more daily 
measurements.  Usually the points are within the measurement error for the 
mag measured, with one high day in both channels.

While the I channel might be funny (I doubt it) the V channel should be OK, 
else why would we match up to real variable stars.  I.e. use the data to 
pick out known variables as I just demonstrated.  These high points are 
coming up in the same data sets and with similar WS statistic.

Tom Droege

At 06:20 PM 5/18/03 +0000, JG wrote:
>I reckon an obscure logic flow / conditionals problem in the pipeline
>that kicks in in certain non-common instances, and I suspect red
>because Michael Richmond's pipeline probably has to do more 'work'
>with processing those coz (unfortunately) Tycho2 is an abysmal
>reference source for said.  Or some other processing problem beyond
>my knowledge, but the coincidence of placement and the singleness is
>weird.  Is this once in a run of twenty or more for instance, or one
>out of two or three?