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Re: Flashers

Sorry, on rereading the below, I see it was misleading.  I just assumed 
that everyone knew that we took simultaneous V and I images and assumed 
that you all would know that both were brightening or I would not have 
commented.  I do know about cosmic rays having worked a while on the Auger 
project at Fermilab.  The probability of a simultaneous hit can be much 
lower than one might think.  Cosmic rays can come up to 10E20 ev.  This 
makes showers with a gazillion particles and if one happens to hit the area 
of the camera, ...  But they don't come very often or I would be peddling 
my cameras to the Auger project as detectors.

Tom Dreoge

At 05:51 AM 5/18/03 +0000, Tom Droege wrote:
>Are there many stars that flash?  I keep finding stars with one bright 
>point.  I assume that these are airplanes flying by that happen to flash 
>on top of a measured star.  This especially if the bright point is at a 
>slightly different position.  But sometimes the bright point is at the 
>exact same position as all the others which I think unlikely for an airplane.
>Tom Droege