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Re: Flashers

I am busy collecting a sample.  I think I now have 20 or so.  It is hard 
work.  When I thought they were junk they seemed to be in every curve I 
examined.  Now that I am trying to collect a sample, they seem 
rare.  Possibly 50 per million stars at my sample rate.  i.e one sample a 
day on clear days spanning 100 days.

I am looking at V-I for these.  Not what I expected.

Of course, now that I am looking for the pulsing stars, I see lots of other 
interesting stuff.  I have 618 stars with WS over 100.  All seem to be one 
type of a variable or another.  With an average of only about 10 points, 
that is about all one can say.  Some are obviously slow variables, some are 
obviously pulsing, some are just jumping around.  But I guess that is what 
is to be expected.

More data is needed.  ;^)

Tom Droege