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Production Again

I am covering production for a couple of nights just so you all can see 
what is going on.

It is 8 PM here in Batavia, and last night's run just completed.

I have the threshold for detection set at 3 sigma above the noise.  This 
gets lots of noise hits, but our requirement that there be a hit in the V 
and the I camera will get rid of most of them.

Here is the result from last night:

Camera          .ast total              .cal total

TOM1                    832931                  141923
TOM2                    691788                  122394
TOM3                    491874                  84032

So we got 348349 V,I measurement pairs.

The three sigma threshold seems go dig more real faint mag pairs out of the 
noise.  TOM3 is low because we lose some frames from noise pick up on the 
unshielded cable.  I will eventually try another shielded cable.  TOM2 is a 
little low because it was showing ice crystals on the early frames so I 
heated it up and discarded the early frames.

I think this is about par for a summer night's run.

Tom Droege