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Re: Progress bringing up tom4 and tom5

You may want to consider (if you haven't already) looking into VNC (http://www.realvnc.com/). Running a local Viewer, you take control of a remote computer running a Server program.
I've used it to run equipment in a remote observatory from home over the internet. It works well. You can also connect computers each running different operating systems. The remote pc can still be operated at its location. I haven't controlled more than one pc at a time but I guess that could be done from within Linux.
Just a thought.

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> hi Tom,
> the idea of opening separate windows on your workstation is good if your
> remote application needs to report stuff back to you in the terminal window
> all the time it's running.
> but if your application just needs to be started, you can use one terminal
> and after the ssh connection, type the command to start the remote program
> running and follow it with and ampersand (shift 7).   this will put the
> program in the background (disconnect it from the terminal process that
> you used to start it up) and give you back a prompt from which you can
> start up a second program.    if it's also put in the background you can
> disconnect the ssh session and use the terminal window on your workstation
> to ssh to another control computer and start things up.    and once you
> get manually starting running then we can help you get this done with a
> script that would let you start up multiple processes on multiple computers
> with a single command (even run that script at a certain time each day
> as a cron job).
> -ron
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>> Subject: Progress bringing up tom4 and tom5
>> This is mostly to show that progress is being made.  For the first time
>> I moved one of the tom4 focus motors.  This brings up how I should try
>> to operate in the future.
>> At this time I have each tom on a separate computer with a keyboard,
>> monitor and mouse.  tom2 and tom3 have computers in the dome.  The tom1
>> computer which is in the tower has it's computer downstars in the
>> workroom.
>> To start a night's run I go to each computer and start two programs in
>> two different Konsols.  One runs the data collection program and the
>> other looks for data blocks and processes them.
>> Dragged kicking and screaming into the modern world, I would now like to
>> run everything from my nice 24" monitor in my office. (where I can see
>> the type size)
>> I can ssh to each computer from separtate konsole windows and start one
>> program.  How do I run two programs on a remote computer?
>> OK, I know enough to just try various things.  I could just open up a
>> lot of windows and run a program on each one??
>> Someone who is an expert at such things might suggest how I should
>> really run.
>> Tom Droege
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>>   Thomas F. Droege