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Re: Progress bringing up tom4 and tom5

On 9/17/05, Antonio Mário Magalhães <ammagal@mpcnet.com.br> wrote:
You may want to consider (if you haven't already) looking into VNC (http://www.realvnc.com/ ). Running a local Viewer, you take control of a remote computer running a Server program.
I've used it to run equipment in a remote observatory from home over the internet. It works well. You can also connect computers each running different operating systems. The remote pc can still be operated at its location. I haven't controlled more than one pc at a time but I guess that could be done from within Linux.

That's easy with most client OS's. I regularly admin two Win2K boxes using VNC at the same time. What Linux (and any other Unix type OS) allows you to do is have multiple independent sessions on the same machine at the same time.

Strangely, I've found over the years that using the java applet VNC client sometimes works better than the native compiled ones.


Just a thought.

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> hi Tom,
> the idea of opening separate windows on your workstation is good if your
> remote application needs to report stuff back to you in the terminal window
> all the time it's running.
> but if your application just needs to be started, you can use one terminal
> and after the ssh connection, type the command to start the remote program
> running and follow it with and ampersand (shift 7).   this will put the
> program in the background (disconnect it from the terminal process that
> you used to start it up) and give you back a prompt from which you can
> start up a second program.    if it's also put in the background you can
> disconnect the ssh session and use the terminal window on your workstation
> to ssh to another control computer and start things up.    and once you
> get manually starting running then we can help you get this done with a
> script that would let you start up multiple processes on multiple computers
> with a single command (even run that script at a certain time each day
> as a cron job).
> -ron
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> On Sat, 17 Sep 2005, Thomas F. Droege wrote:
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>> From: Thomas F. Droege <
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>> Subject: Progress bringing up tom4 and tom5
>> This is mostly to show that progress is being made.  For the first time
>> I moved one of the tom4 focus motors.  This brings up how I should try
>> to operate in the future.
>> At this time I have each tom on a separate computer with a keyboard,
>> monitor and mouse.  tom2 and tom3 have computers in the dome.  The tom1
>> computer which is in the tower has it's computer downstars in the
>> workroom.
>> To start a night's run I go to each computer and start two programs in
>> two different Konsols.  One runs the data collection program and the
>> other looks for data blocks and processes them.
>> Dragged kicking and screaming into the modern world, I would now like to
>> run everything from my nice 24" monitor in my office. (where I can see
>> the type size)
>> I can ssh to each computer from separtate konsole windows and start one
>> program.  How do I run two programs on a remote computer?
>> OK, I know enough to just try various things.  I could just open up a
>> lot of windows and run a program on each one??
>> Someone who is an expert at such things might suggest how I should
>> really run.
>> Tom Droege
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