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Data Last Night

Last night produced 2.77Million .cal lines.  About 3 times what I was
getting earlier in September when  the weather was so skuzzy.  Earlier
in the month most of the data was produced by tom2 which was looking
mostly straight up.  tom1 looking -4 to +20 and tom3 looking +54 to +88
produced little data.  The data sometimes looked OK, but did not make it
through the pipeline.  I have been meaning to try to get Michael to look
at it and to determine why it was failing the pipeline.  

My guess at the moment is that the skuz flattens out the images so the
pipeline thinks stars are galaxies and rejects them.  In any case, it
seems to me that we are throwing away the right stuff.  I think that if
it keeps data on clear days and somehow throws it out when there is skuz
it is doing the right thing even if I don't understand why.

Everything is on DVD in case some volunteer steps forward to ask for
data to examine.  

Tom Droege
  Thomas F. Droege