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Re: wanted: advice on external hard drive enclosures

OWC's "Mercury" series are pretty good.  No noise, heavy
aluminum boxes, some with two drive bays and Firewire.
(FW works well with Linux, faster than USB2 due to lower
CPU usage)  But watch out.  Most of these boxes use IDE
(parallel cable) drives, some do SATA.


The SATA/Firewire/USB bridge chips in these boxes are all the
same.  Differences are mechanical, size of heat sinks, fan quality
and so on.  

--- David Talbot <dktalbot@gmail.com> wrote:

> I've never had any problem just using the cheapest I can find. Been
> doing
> that for more years than I care to remember from the days of the
> original
> IBM PC t latest usb2 and firewire stuff. When it come down to it
> regardles
> of the badge most PC compatible hardware only comes from a very
> limited
> number of far eastern factories after all!
> Cheers
> David
> On 5/10/06, Michael Richmond <richmond@stupendous.cis.rit.edu> wrote:
> >
> >
> >   I'm in the middle of processing a bunch of Mark IV data right
> now.
> > In a few days, I'll have many gigabytes of data.  I plan to make
> > backups of it, _and_ keep it spinning and accessible to me (and
> > others, eventually).
> >
> >   I have a pair of big SATA drives, but my desktop's bays are
> > full.  So, I was thinking of purchasing external enclosure(s)
> > for the drives.  In an ideal world, I'd prefer the enclosures
> > to provide USB 2.0 and Firewire interfaces, but I guess I'd
> > take just one of the choices if necessary.
> >
> >   Can anyone provide advice or opinions, pro or con, for any
> > particular manufacturer or models?  My primary criterion is
> > reliability, not speed.
> >
> >                                     Michael
> >
> >

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