TASS Show and Tell

Guidelines for submitting Show-and-Tell stories

Sometimes, one wants to describe the progress on a project without delving deeply into technical details. One might also want to recount one's adventures at a meeting, conference or observing run. The TASS "Show-and-Tell" page is designed to hold short stories which are heavy on the pictures and light on the text.

To submit a story to the Show-and-Tell area, collect the text and pictures and figure out how they all fit together. Then send a short piece of E-mail which describes your story directly to me, Michael Richmond: mwrsps@rit.edu I'll respond, and we can work out the mechanism by which you'll transfer the pictures to my machine; FTP or E-mail may work.

Show-and-Tell 1:
Mark IV Construction Progress for June 1998

Show-and-Tell 2:
Mark IV Construction Progress for August 1998

Show-and-Tell 3:
What Happens if you Drift-Scan away from the Celestial Equator?

Show-and-Tell 4:
Mark IV image of M31

Show-and-Tell 5:
Progress on Mark IV to January, 1999

Show-and-Tell 6:
Progress on Mark IV to June, 1999

Show-and-Tell 7:
Aligning the RIT Mark IV Telescope/CCD Camera Combination

Show-and-Tell 8:
The Rochester Mark IV

Show-and-Tell 9:
How I Designed the Mark IV System

Show-and-Tell 10:
The TASS Mark IV Survey
This is part of a presentation for The first Virtual Meeting on Amateur Astronomy

Show-and-Tell 11:
A script for creating phased light curves, plus examples

Show-and-Tell 12:
A computer to serve TASS Mark IV images

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