Make lists and charts from the TASS tenxcat catalog

This form allows you to select stars from the TASS Mark III tenxcat catalog. Read Technical Note 56 for a detailed description of the catalog. You may prefer to query tenxcat catalog from SIMBAD's Vizier service, which accomodates more sophisticated requests.
Last update to tenxcat: Sept 2, 1999

The tenxcat catalog contains

On spurious close pairs: When observations from different nights and sites were entered into the database, we checked to see if each new detection matched an existing entry. We used a matching radius of 15 arcseconds, which is a bit larger than the pixel size. It turns out that we occasionally failed to match to an existing star properly, and so created another entry. The result was a spurious close pair. I've tried to eliminate some of the close pairs by merging isolated pairs which satisfy several conditions. There are still some 3000 or so spurious pairs, spurious triplets and clumps with more than three entries. MWR June 27, 1999

There are 367,241 stars in the catalog. Of these, 26,541 have raw magnitudes; we were unable to correct their values for small color-dependent effects in each camera. These stars are marked by a '1' in the first column labelled flags in lists; if you ask for the individual measurements of such stars, you will receive a list with the word "raw" at the end of each line.

You can get data back in two formats:

Start out with a query of a teeny-tiny area, to get some idea for the volume of the results. Try central RA = 0.75, central Dec = -0.5, and size 0.5 degrees, for example. If you select the Sort stars by distance from field center option, then the distance of each star from the field center (in arcsec) appears in the first column, and the stars are sorted in ascending order.

Specify position either in degrees, or HH:MM:SS, but not both.

Central RA (J2000): degrees HH:MM:SS.s : :
Central Dec (J2000): degrees DD:MM:SS.s : :
Box length (degrees):

Sort stars by: RA distance from field center

Convert to user-friendly coordinates?
Include two header lines at top of output, with field names?
Show GSC or IAU-style name? (if not, will show TASS internal ID)
List data in result (maybe 'no' if all you want is a chart)?

Make a chart? If yes, which passband?

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